TEMPO Workshop

Wednesday 5th May 2021 | 11:30 – 15:00 Parallel session

Workshop Description:

The technical and economic viability of today’s district heating networks are undermined by transitions to highly efficient building stocks and ineffective business models which fail to benefit all stakeholders.

TEMPO will demonstrate the applicability of low temperature district heating through a COMPREHENSIVE SOLUTION PACKAGE. Including technological innovations on the network and building side, consumer empowerment enabled by digital solutions and innovative business model for EU replication.

More specifically, the main objectives of TEMPO are:

  • Final development of technological innovations for low-temperature (LT) district heating (DH) networks.
  • Quantify the benefits of the TEMPO solution packages for LT DH networks through demonstration in 3 representative demonstration sites.
  • Empowerment of end users in LT DH network.
  • Develop innovative business models and demonstrate their replication potential for the roll-out of sustainable and economically viable DH networks across the EU.
  • Guarantee EU-wide market uptake of TEMPO solutions packages by developing an exploitation and replication plan.

You have questions from your own experience or a new project? Bring them along!

Further information visit: www.tempo-dhc.eu or speak to Gabriele gp@euroheat.org


Moderator: tbc


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