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NADIC – The wood boiler of the Bellevue heat network in Nantes

In January 1999, Nantes Métropole entrusted Dalkia France, through its local subsidiary Nadic, with the production and distribution of heat energy in the Bellevue district, as part of a Public Service Delegation, for a period of 24 years. In 2012, the district heating network located in the towns of Nantes and Saint-Herblain, west of the Nantes agglomeration, continued to expand (21 kilometers – 3,500 additional dwellings) and set up a wood boiler with a capacity of 13 MWth to become the first district heating network ENR in the city of Nantes.

10200 equivalent housing units, given that the recent extension of the network has allowed the connection of 3,500 additional housing.

20,000 tonnes of biomass recovered.