Technical Visit | Malakoff


Malakoff – the largest wood-fired boiler of Nantes Metropole

The Malakoff heating plant in Nantes is mainly supplied with heat from waste incineration at the Prairie de Mauves Waste Management Center and untreated local wood. Natural gas fired boilers provide the complement. It serves the city center, the north of Nantes, and the east and center of the Ile de Nantes. In summer it serves the entire Centre Loire network.

Malakoff boiler equipped with 2 exchangers with a total power output of 32MW, enabling heat from the ALCEA waste recycling centre  (CTVD) to be recovered. In addition there are 3 gas-fired boilers with a total power output of 87MW and auxiliary/emergency boilers in hospitals.

Existing boiler room in overheated water transformed into hot water; mission project management TCE:

  • Construction of a mixed boiler room biomass (30MW and natural gas (87MW),
  • Dismantling of the existing boiler room of Malakoff in overheated water and passage of the network in low pressure, temperature lower than 110 °C,
  • Realization of the construction site in 2 slices to assure the continuity of service.


Note: This visit is not suitable for people with limited mobility.