Technical Visit | La Chantrerie



Several public institutions on La Chantrerie site, including higher education establishments, decided to come together in the form of an independent property owners association to create a heating network supplied principally by wood. NM supported this project and the network came into operation in autumn 2011.

The heating network is located on a plot of about 2,000 m², owned by AFUL Chantrerie. The primary network is approximately 3,300 m long and serves the 13 substations (7 client organizations). The plant includes a 2.5 MW wood fired boiler and two 5MW and 2.5 MW gas fired boilers.

PV panels (one of 9 kWp and one other of 225 kWp) and a 25 kW wind turbine, provide (through the power network) a 10 kWe electrolyser producing 2 Nm3/h of biomethane.



Note: This visit is not suitable for people with limited mobility.