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Site Visits

As part of the formal Congress programme, a number of visits to different sites, such as District Heating plants etc. Those site visits will complement and enrich the participants’ experience.

If you are interested in presenting your project / company with a site visit please send us all the information listed below and we will see if and how we can integrate your proposal into the overall schedule.

Different types of technical visits are possible in the overall schedule of the Congress and would preferably be organised on Monday or in the late afternoon or Wednesday.

  • Technical Visit Specifications (max 500 characters incl. spaces): Please provide a description of your proposed technical visit, giving a flavour of what makes it so interesting/exciting to participants. Please, make it clear why this is a truly must visit!
  • Logistics: please indicate if participants can reach the venue by public transport / taxi or if you will organise a transfer and provide catering. Make sure to specify the maximum number of participants allowed etc.
  • Contact person and details: Please send us the contact details of the overall responsible for the technical visit.


For the very first time we are going hybrid! Which means there are some great new opportunities for hosting a site visit. Sponsors can organise a Virtual Tour and give a greater number of participants the ability to visit the plant/factory!


Note: Neither Euroheat & Power nor the partners/sponsor or participants should be charged for the visit and services offered.
Please send your proposal to