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Online & Vilnius 3 - 5 May








Frequently Asked Questions

Why is #21EHPCONG going hybrid?

We are going hybrid because some people may not be able to travel as a result of the pandemic or its associated impact. Making the Congress more accessible helps Euroheat & Power and our members to achieve its underlying mission to elaborate and advance district heating and cooling, and to expand its scope of application and contribution to all the communities by reaching a much larger audience.

Given the current COVID situation, why not go to fully virtual?

At this point, we are confident that the in-person event will take place. It is impossible to fully replicate the richness, chance encounters and energizing atmosphere of an in-person event. However, if circumstances dictate, we will be ready to transition to a full online experience.  The good news is that this has little impact on the work currently underway to develop the congress programme.

Why is it not all virtual?

No virtual event, however well-orchestrated and executed, can fully replace an in-person event. Many people feel that they get more value out of hallway interactions and participants also cherish the opportunity to reacquaint with friends and colleagues in a face-to-face event. Unless COVID restrictions mandate that we pivot to a completely online congress, which we doubt, we are vigorously planning the greatest-ever hybrid event for both the people in Vilnius and those joining us online.

Will the virtual content differ from the onsite content?

Just in the way the session will be delivered, content is king and will be provided in the most engaging way whether you are onsite or online.

As a online attendee, would I be able to ask questions or participate in discussions?

Yes, we aim for an immersive experience and will facilitate interaction and continue the dialogue and information sharing.

Once registered as an onsite participant, can I change my registration to the online only? Or vice versa?

Yes, changes either way will be possible.  We strongly recommend registering to the onsite event, which will give you access automatically to the virtual event as well.

Practical Information on Vilnius - HERE