Maya VAN DER STEENHOVEN | Expert Heat Transition in the Netherlands

Expert Heat Transition

in the Netherlands


In the Netherlands we aim to make a huge transition in the coming years to turn away from gas and into a smart combination of electric and district heating. The benefits are huge, but with gas so readily and cheap available we will need some major effort to get it done.


Maya van der Steenhoven has worked for 20 years for the government on various international energy programs and specialies in the heat transition via various programs: She is the initiator of the Dutch “To Go Off Gas” campaign in the Netherlands and the former director of the public private partnership program leading to the heat roundabout and heat transition. As partner in the newly founded company “EHBO bij Energieparticipatie” she gives first aid to local governments in enhancing energy participation in heat transition and renewables production. Maya has also designed the first open transparant procedure for citizens to choose their own heat company called the “beauty contest”.

Moderating at the following session(s):

Tuesday 4th May 2021 – 11:00 – 12:00 Fireside chat | Transition Free Throws –DHC as a Game Changer

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