Matteo Pozzi | Optit

General Manager

at Optit S.r.l. and Co-Founder at RE2N S.r.l.

Matteo Pozzi holds a Diploma in Integrated Quality, Safety and Environmental Management from the University of Padua and a Diploma in International Relations from the School of Advanced International Studies at John Hopkins University.


Matteo Pozzi joined Optit as general manager in 2009. As general Manager he focuses on the commercial and internal development of this highly innovative company specialising optimisation solutions for a variety of operations including DHC. The key to Optit’s edge is a basis of top notch operations research.

Parallel to his work with Optit, Matteo was a Management Consultant for T-Zero, co-funded by himself, focussing on projects in the field of energy efficiency, renewables and engineering. He also co-funded Re2N a start-up focussing on the creation of shared value approaches.

Before joining Optit, Matteo collected 10 years of experience in consulting on various infrastructure based markets covering a broad range of utilities such as telecommunications and energy but also finance, retail and service markets.

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Wednesday, 8 May 2019 – 11:00-12:30 – Technology & Development | Parallel Session | Cool Stuff for Attractive DHC

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