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Policy Manager Climate & Energy


For a sustainable future we need to work hand in hand at the nucleus of our societal cleavage lines (climate change, jobs, a prospering economy, livable cities and more).


Ingo Wagner works at the nucleus of our societal cleavage lines when looking at our future: Climate change, jobs, a prospering economy, livable cities and more. At KlimaDiskurs.NRW he unites environmental NGOs, trade unions, consumer protection associations, cities, industry associations, SMEs, energy companies, global players and science behind a common goal: Protecting the climate and strengthening the “Wirtschaftsstandort“. Ingo is in charge of the platform‘s ambitious project – in Düsseldorf, Berlin and Brussels – to bring these various positions and interests together, to build trust and understanding and to find solutions not just on the political scale but also on the ground. With the platform he covers a variety of sectors be it industries, the energy system, buildings and housing, mobility or the big overarching trends of digitisation and co.

Ingo is no stranger, neither to the sector nor to our Congress. For more than six years he was part of the Euroheat & Power family. Many of you know him as engaged and joyful lobbyist, the face of our sector’s work on buildings, or as fighter for the growing District Cooling sector.

Ingo’s engagement doesn’t stop at the door of his office. By now he gives classes to empower citizens in their efforts to fight climate change and create climate resilient cities, he spends another working week on politics, is member of Al Gore’s Climate Reality Leadership Corps, and never stops being a committed scout. Besides all of this he also knows very well how to enjoy his life: He is a trained beer sommelier.

Ingo received a B.A. in Politcal Science from Regensburg University and a M.A. in European Union Studies from Leiden University in the Netherlands. Also he is trained in intercultural conflict situations and democratic participation mechanisms.


Presenting at the following session(s):

Tuesday, 4 May 2021 – 13:30-14:45 –  Pitch your Idea – Take the Shot – Change the World


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