Pernilla WIHLBORG | Baseload Capital

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

At Baseload Capital I have the opportunity to increase the amount of renewable base load power in the world by investing into the build up of Heat Power plants.
Renewable energy, ORC, heat recovery, Geothermal base load power


Pernilla is a senior international business leader with years of experience in general management, international expansion, strategy, business development and product ownership. She has worked, studied and lived outside Sweden in Asia, North America and South America as well as managed teams spread across the globe.

At Baseload Capital Pernilla is in charge of operations and organisation. She is specialised in international expansion, project management and corporate structure. We at Baseload Capital believe in a green future where the energy comes from renewable energy sources. As the energy demand is expected to constantly grow, we need to continuously identify, develop and invest in new sources of renewable energy. At Baseload Capital, our goal is to generate a healthy financial return on our investments, each of which will have the potential of significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions. At Baseload Capital, we are eager to build meaningful energy solutions for the future.


Creating positive change and increasing the amount of renewable baseload power:

Having worked and traveled extensively around the globe my whole life, I have seen first hand how it is to live a day where the air is not clean enough to breathe. Change is needed but companies struggle to find a balance between what’s positive for the environment and what’s positive for their bottom line.

Presenting at the following session(s):

Tuesday, 7 May 2019 – 15:05 – 16:20 PARALLEL SESSION | NEW-NEW-NEW | Pitch your Idea – Take a Risk – Change the World

Pernilla’s personnal offer – if she bids for your project idea – get ½ hour of consultation to be scheduled during the #19EHPcong.

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