Energy Department Manager

at IVL

Kristina Lygnerud holds a PhD in Business Administration (risk management), a licenciate in Business Administration (innovation) and a M.A. in International Business from Gothenburg University.


Kristina Lygnerud has managed the energy department of the Swedish Environmental Institute since 2015 and is in charge of the institutes research efforts to decarbonise District Heating and Cooling. In parallel she conducts research on the development of business models in the sector at Halmstad University.

Also, Kristina has been Vice-Chair of the DHC+ Technology Platform since the beginning of 2018.

Before joining IVL, Kristina developed business models and strategies herself for several years at Borås Energi och Miljö AB and researched risk management of and for energy companies in change.

Presenting at the following session(s):

Wednesday, 8 May 2019 – 09:00-10:30 – Business & Operations | Parallel Session | DHC – Putting your Money where your Mouth is

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