Jukka AHO | Leanheat

Chief Executive Officer

Jukka holds a Master of Science from Tampere University of Technology (Finland).


Jukka Aho is the CEO and co-founder of Leanheat. He has over 10 years of experience in leading software businesses.

The idea of Leanheat was born in 2011 when there was a growing need to optimize heating in centrally heated buildings. Today Leanheat is a Finnish technology company whose artificial intelligence-based IoT solution monitors, controls and optimizes the indoor temperature and humidity of district heated buildings. The solution improves the energy efficiency of properties, increases the operational efficiency of district heating companies and creates a healthier indoor climate for residents. By the end of 2018, Leanheat was installed in 100,000 apartments around the world, and the aim is to achieve the milestone of one million apartments by 2022. Leanheat is rapidly expanding its business internationally and currently operates in Finland, China, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Poland and Germany. Danfoss operates as a strategic partner for Leanheat and is a shareholder.



At Leanheat every row of code we write has a meaning. Each row helps us fight climate change as well as make buildings smart, healthy and energy efficient.
Leanheat is committed to providing best possible indoor conditions with the smallest environmental impact possible. Leanheat will continue to further develop its system to fully utilize the massive potential existing residential buildings have in terms of optimizing the entire district energy chain.


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Tuesday, 7 May 2019

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