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Now it’s time to take action – climate change won’t wait

Climate change is estimated to be the biggest global change for companies since the mainstreaming of information technology. In fact, climate change has already become a part of business for many companies by creating new growth and opening new opportunities. And for an increasing number of them, it has become a matter of survival.

At Fortum, climate change was identified early on as a megatrend driving our business strategy. In conjunction with our latest strategy update, we did a scenario analysis in which we assessed the energy system’s development at various global temperatures. Our company’s vision “For a cleaner world” conveys the message that we want to lead the change towards a low-emissions energy system and the optimal use of resources. Our customers, shareholders, financers, and other stakeholders encourage and demand us to develop new and increasingly better solutions.

We at Fortum are aiming for a climate-neutral energy system, and we believe that the 1.5-degree world is still technically possible. But in such a way that we can simultaneously ensure energy’s security of supply in all conditions and keep the costs reasonable.