Start-up | AI


DCbrain offers artificial intelligence solutions to managers of complex systems; they support them in the understanding, monitoring and management their network. A lot of systems are shifting from hierarchal to distributed networks; artificial intelligence and deep learning help to manage these complex flows. DCbrain offers a solution, which is suited for a wide range of industries and companies, since its technology can be applied to any network of flows. Their software as a service is tailored to the specific needs of each organization and is easy to use for any operating department; no data scientist needed.

How it started: Two technical engineers founded DCbrain a few years ago. One had a background in optimizing existing flows and the other had a programming background. They realized that by combining these two fields of expertise a lot of value can be created. In 2015 DCbrain was fully launched by participating in the ‘Smart Grid’ contest of ENEDIS. ‘’We presented them a digital twin of their network that we created with our technology. Their first reaction was: ‘where did you get that? It is classified’ But we just created it with the data that was available’’.