Dalkia: leader in heating and cooling networks in France




Heating and cooling networks: Four million French people (6% of the population) are already connected to heating networks—an area of expertise in which Dalkia has established a pioneering position.

France’s 2015 Energy Transition for Green Growth Act aims to achieve a fivefold increase in the amount of renewable and recovered energy delivered through these networks by 2030. This would take the number of housing units connected heating networks from two million today to more than eight million by 2030.

Heating networks can supply heating and domestic hot water to an entire neighbourhood, city or metropolitan area. They can also produce electricity (through cogeneration). Cooling networks are based on the same principle and provide cooling to a group of buildings.

Dalkia draws on extensive expertise in building and operating facilities to produce and distribute heating or cooling across an entire district or city. We use non-intermittent local renewables such as biomassgeothermal, seawater and solar power along with recovered energy sources to offer customers efficient, low-carbon energy solutions. We operate 350 heating and cooling networks in France, comprising 2,220 km of pipes.

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