Bertrand GUILLEMOT | Dalkia

Director Innovation

at Dalkia


Bertrand Guillemot took over the lead of Dalkia’s innovation programme in 2014. Prior to this position, he already was Head of Dalkia’s Department for Technical Questions for over seven years.

Since 2015 Bertrand is also the Chair of the DHC+ Technology Platform.

Before joining Dalkia, Bertrand Guillemot was responsible for DHC system management, DC development and operation and energy strategy management at Climespace. Initially he worked in business development for SMI Bergerat Monnoyeur.

Presenting at the following session(s):

Tuesday 7th May 2019

  • 15:05-16:20 – Side Event | Parallel session | Dalkia

Wednesday, 8 May 2019

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