Anastasia GKIKA | ADDMA

Technical Manager

at Athens Development and Destination Management Agency (ADDMA)

Anastasia Gkika holds a diploma in Chemical Engineering and an MSc in Computational Engineering.


She works as technical manager at the Athens Development and Destination Management Agency and collaborates with the Office of Resilience and Sustainability of the City of Athens. With 9 years of experience in project management of EU-funded research projects, Anastasia Gkika leads Athen’s efforts to find sustainable pathways for the heating & cooling system in the city.


The city of Athens, as part of its 2030 Resilience Strategy and Climate Action Plan, aims to increase the use of renewable energy sources by 20% and reduce Greenhouse gas emissions by 40%. PLANHEAT platform supports the cities in mapping – planning – simulating the local energy demand and supply while allows the visualization of results and shows possible future scenarios for their decarbonization path. The Resilience and Sustainability Office with the support of National Observatory of Athens, has tested PLANHEAT’s City and District Mapping Modules for mapping the final energy demand for residential space heating & cooling, identifying the benefits and strengths of the PLANHEAT tool.

Presenting at the following session(s):

Wednesday, 8 May 2019 – 13:30-15:00 – Side Event | PLANHEAT – Plan today, save tomorrow (part 2)

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