Cool Stuff for Attractive DHC

Wednesday 8th May 2019 | 11:00 – 12:30 Parallel session

Session Description:

Even if some people occasionally say otherwise, DHC is anything but old-fashioned. Digital solutions, smart systems and the latest technologies are out there in the market. And while it’s sometimes hard to distinguish between gimmick and gamechanger, a lot of these new ideas really are making a difference to consumers, operators and communities. This session is all about geeky solutions for the future – no long talks, quick presentations, quick questions and a lot to take with you.




  • Smart sector coupling and increasingly smart plant operations
    Matteo Pozzi | Optit
  • Heat demand forecasting and operational optimization of a real-life, large district heating network
    Konrad Wojdan & Michał Guzek | Transition Technologies
  • The technical and financial side of modern energy systems – combined heating and cooling using heat pumps
    Jens Ole Hansen | Ramboll
  • Flat station solution for multifamily houses
    Arnela Kursomovic | Kraftringen
  • Increasing Intelligence In Underground District Energy Networks
    Petri Tuominen | Vexve