On the SIDELINE – Recruiting New Players: Waste Heat Owners

Wednesday 5th May 2021 | 11:30 – 12:45 Business & Operations

Session Description:

On the road to a net-zero emissions future, waste heat is bound to play an ever-greater role in decarbonising heat, in combination with renewables. Often heard when discussing waste heat: It’s not our primary business, there are few opportunities for industry and DH companies to sit around the same table, finding the right business model is a headache… The session will bring the perspective of waste heat owners into focus. Concrete cases and best practices from industrial and urban waste heat owners will be used to address the questions surrounding business models, contractual arrangements and examples on how to improve matchmaking and relationship-building. Time to stop wasting heat!


  • Donna GARTLAND | CEO | Ireland DEA / Codema Dublin


  • Annita WESTENBROEK | Director Innovation | Royal Netherlands Paper and Board Association
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