DHC for All – Involving Citizens, Customers and Consumers

Wednesday 8th May 2019 | 13:30 – 15:00 Parallel session

Session Description:

A decade ago it might have been ok to refer to an energy customer as a ‘load’ but these times are well and truly over. Today, a successful energy company needs to provide far more than just energy – they need to be Counsellors, Communicators and Collaborators in the fight against Climate Change. How are DHC companies navigating this new landscape and, when we get right down to it, what do our customers really want/need from us? A panel of experts with different perspectives on the problem sit down to talk it through.



  • Astrid Madsen | Process Manager Energy Transition | City of Rotterdam


  • What can district heating do for the housing sector? District heating as part of the solution for greenhouse gas mitigation
    Özgür Öner | Head of Brussels Office | GdW
  • Heating practices in Europe: how to improve consumers’ involvement? 
    Emilie Magdalinski | Research Fellow – European energy policy | Jacques Delors Institute
  • Nantes Metropole Great Debate on energy transition 
    Laurent Comeliau | Directeur de la Mission d’Animation de la Feuille de Route Transition Energétique | Nantes Metropole
  • District Heating and Consumers: The paradox of choice 
    Lily Frencham | Senior Policy Manager | ADE