The World is not Enough – Beyond Traditional Markets

Wednesday 8th May 2019 | 11:00 – 12:30 Parallel session

Session Description:

Changing what we have in existing markets is one thing but there is so much more happening at the moment. DHC is emerging as a top-notch solution in many countries across the globe. From traditional gas markets in Europe to developing countries, to the new global super powers. The success of DHC has attracted plenty of followers that are now building their own frameworks and developing their national markets. It is time to look above and beyond the horizon of mature markets.



  • Birger Lauersen | Manager International Affairs | Danish District Heating Association


  • Introduction to Irish DH Market
    Donna Gartland | CEO | Irish District Energy Association
  • District heating is becoming a ‘hot’ topic in Dutch energy policy
    Helma Kip | Policy Advisor | Ennatuurlijk
  • Middle East & APAC: We need to focus on Cooling
    Olivier Racle | Deputy Director | ENGIE
  • District Energy in the USA and Canada – What will it take to deliver on its enormous potential?
    Peter Garforth | Principal | Garforth International LLC
  • District Energy in Cities: A Global Initiative to Unlock the Potential of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
    Celia Martinez | Technical Coordinator Latin America and Africa | UN Environment