Why Waste Heat?

Wednesday 8th May 2019 | 09:00 – 10:30 Parallel session

Session Description:

The DHC sector is committed to a radical transformation by 2050 and though the journey will be exciting it won’t be easy! One thing that will certainly help is to make the best possible use of what we have around: heat that is needlessly thrown away, in factories, in data centres, in super markets. The concept isn’t new and who in the sector hasn’t thought about it in the past? Yet we don’t make nearly enough use of the huge potential that is out there. So time to answer some questions: Why is using waste heat actually the sensible thing to do? What do we need to think about? What are the barriers and key success factors? This session is all about why and how to get it done.




  • Exergy as a decision aid in heating options
    Mariette Bilius | Senior Energy Advisor | DCMR Environmental Protection Agency
  • Heat Transition – Industry as solution provider
    Rolf Kuby |Head of Group Representative Office Brussels | Aurubis
  • Experience with utilization of waste heat in Odense, Denmark
    Kim Winther |Head of Business Development | Fjernvarme Fyn
  • Industrial Surplus application in China
    Jian Jun Xia, P h.D | Associate Professor | Tsinghua University