22-24 May 2023

Turin (IT)








Congratulations to the host of the 41st EHP Congress - Turin (Torino)!

We are pleased to confirm and congratulate the Italian city of Turin (Torino) as the official host of the 41st Euroheat & Power Congress from the 22 - 24 of May 2023!

The candidacy, made by Turismo Torino and Provincia Convention Bureau in collaboration with AIRU (the Italian District Heating Association), with the hosting partnership of the Iren Group and the participation of the Chamber of Commerce, was supported by stakeholders including the Ministry of Ecological Transition, ENEA, the Piedmont Region, the City of Turin, Turin Polytechnic, Lombardy Region, Milan Polytechnic as well as DH operators and suppliers.

"This is a very important signal for Italian district heating and for the country itself. The Euroheat & Power Congress is the most important event at an international level for the district energy industry and the fact that in 2023 Turin will be Europe's host makes us hope for a revival of the sector, which in Italy has enormous potential and can give great benefits both in environmental and economic terms." - Lorenzo Spadoni, AIRU President.

"We are very pleased with the acquisition of this congress as evidence of the long-awaited recovery of the meetings industry; a fundamental asset for the relaunch of conference tourism." - Marcella Gaspardone Marketing, Public Relations & Convention Bureau Manager of Turismo Torino e Provincia.

More information (in Italian) is available here: https://www.airu.it/torino-ospitera-il-41esimo-congresso-internazionale-di-euroheatpower/

The Euroheat & Power Congress is a remarkably efficient way to get to know better interesting people dealing with District Energy and create mutual opportunities, which emerged from these face to face contacts at the congress making it a good return on investment in terms of ressources and time.

Olaf Litwiakow
Olaf Litwiakow Vattenfall

Despite all the challenges we face, Dalkia is convinced that, yes, the future is district energy… We need a strong sector to step up and speak out. We need you to dare greatly and lead boldly. Showing our latest development and using the 38th Euroheat & Power congress to put our new joint venture under the spotlight, was a great and bold decision of Dalkia. We are even more excited for the next congress edition which will be coming to our native land – France – in Nantes in 2019! Looking forward to seeing beyond the limits of the DHC world at the 39th Euroheat & Power congress!

Yann Menager
Yann Menager Dalkia

The 38th Euroheat & Power Congress in May was 2017’s top event to see, hear and discuss what is happening in the District Energy sector, especially on a European scale.

Maria Kalli
Maria Kalli Vexve

ENGIE has been very actively involved in promoting district heating and cooling as the backbone to sustainable cities and regions across the world. They are without a doubt the key players at the heart of the energy transition in a fast changing world. The huge potential of DHC networks lies in developing future-proof, integrated urban solutions and services. It comes as no surprise that one of the key priorities for Euroheat & Power has been, and will surely continue to be, reaching out to cities. A great success, lots of networking and excellent level of plenary and round table speakers. As a long time participant this has been the best congress ever — my humble opinion.

Michael Schack
Michael Schack Engie

An extraordinary event that connect experts in District Heating and Cooling industry and provide relavant content for future development of this area.

Mateja Panjan
Mateja Panjan Danfoss

Impressed with how well it was put together, perfect organisation, energizing keynote speakers combined with very interesting presentations - the must be place to be for the European District Heating and Cooling community!

Erik De Schutter
Erik De Schutter VITO/ EnergyVille

The Euroheat & Power Congress is a professional and entertaining congress, with a lot of interesting speakers. Thank you!

Britt Verhesen
Britt Verhesen City of Antwerpen

Very well organized, interesting speakers and with the positive and recognized message that district heating and cooling IS part of the climate solution.

Bent Falsig
Bent Falsig Logstor

An incredible couple of days with many interesting people and an excellent way to take part in the European development in DHC!

Maria Jangsten
Maria Jangsten Chalmers University of Technology

A great moment gathering all the professionals from the industry!

Alexandre Bacquet
Alexandre Bacquet Tilia

The place to be to shape the future of district energy!

Stephane Mainguy
Stephane Mainguy Veolia